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       HAPPY CLIENTS          

"I have tried MT Weight Loss Program. It is amazing. My weight dropped from 96 kg to 70 kg. I am happy more than ever. Thank you Olga."

E.A. Australia

“After years of panic attacks and anxiety I have finally found something that works. Everyday I’m feeling better and better.

M.B,Auckland, NZ

“I was not able to drive across the bridge because of my phobia of height. A few sessions of hypnotherapy helped me to overcome my fear and make my life much easier. Thank you for your help, Olga”

                                                            A.P. Auckland, NZ

“Hypnotherapy and EFT has raised my self – esteem and given me confidence to try new things I previously would have

avoided. Olga is a skilful mind coach and highly qualified hypnotherapist. I would highly recommend her. Thank you, Olga”

                                                                                                                                                          P.D, Russia

“I could not even believe that hypnotherapy would be so effective. I was smoking for 30 years and with only 3 sessions with Olga I completely gave up smoking. It is amazing!”

                                                           S.P, Auckland, NZ


“I have been trying to lose 15 kg very hard. I tried all possible diets, slimming teas and hunger control tablets. Sometimes it worked for a while but then I gained weight even more. I decided to try hypnotherapy. It worked for me very well. It reprogrammed my mind for a new healthy life style. I have lost 12 kilos within 4 months and continue to lose weight. May be it looks slow, but it is worth it as you are changing the whole life style, not only losing weight. I would recommend it to try. Thank you Olga.”

                                                           L.B, Auckland, NZ

"I have been on pain killers  for chronic pain in my leg for 6 years. Two hypnotherapy  sessions considerably reduced my pain. I can easily walk now. I can't believe it."


                                                           K.B. Auckland, NZ

“Thank you very much for your self-hypnosis workshop. I have learned a lot about the subconscious mind and how to use it. Your relaxation CD is very helpful in everyday life.” 

                                                         D.N, Auckland , NZ

“Thank you very much for the life transforming changes you have made during only 5 sessions of hypnotherapy. It is great. Many thanks, Olga.”

                                                           D.K, Auckland, NZ

“I have to work under the pressure all the time. I have been feeling overwhelmed, unhappy and desperate for months. I did
4 coaching sessions with Olga and I am feeling much calmer and relaxed now. I have better night sleep too. Besides Olga taught me a few mind techniques which I can use myself to manage stress and anxiety. I am very grateful to Olga for helping me.”


                                                          B.P, Auckland, NZ  

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