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Conquer Your Fear Easily

Do you hate that feeling in your stomach when you board a plane or when you shake and sweat at the thought of public speaking?   Fear can make you stop in your tracks or scream at the sight of a tiny spider. It is also a normal part of the human experience because it is a survival mechanism. We would be in trouble if we weren’t ever scared.

But in some cases our fear becomes much bigger than the real danger. Sometimes it even becomes completely irrational and begins to negatively impact our lives. That irrational fear is called phobia. I have helped a lot of people with





Why do we have phobia?

There are two causes of phobia: A bad experience. For example, when a big dog comes running and barking straight at a young child, the child becomes scared and runs to his/her  mother. That experience felt like real danger for the young child. Since then, even though the child has now grown into an adult, he is still scared of all dogs.

A learned reaction. For instance, a mother is scared of spiders. When she sees a spider she starts screaming. Her child thinks that the spider is a real danger because of his mother’s behaviour and starts doing the same. His mother has taught him that spiders are something to be scared of.

What if you could break out of the ‘box of fear’?     How will your life change then?

Phobia can be incredibly harmful and make it very difficult for you to achieve your goals. You can regain control over your fear with the help of effective mind power techniques which Auckland Mind Toolbox Therapy can offer you.   They can help you to:

     Feel free of limitations

     Feel confident and calm around your triggers

     Achieve your goals

     Live your life to your full potential

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