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Meet Olga
Mind Toolbox Therapy Mind Coach & Therapist

My passion is helping people to improve their lives. Whether that’s by helping them overcome anxiety and stress, get rid of phobias and fears, improve their self-confidence or by helping them lose weight. I have been practicing Hypnotherapy since 2009.

I have a unique set of qualifications and life experience that have enabled me to create Mind Toolbox.

As a former rhythmic gymnastics coach with more than 25 years of experience in Russia and 12 years in New Zealand, Auckland I have a lot of expertise in re-shaping physical bodies. That combined with my knowledge of mind power techniques and hypnotherapy  have allowed
me to come up with Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program that really works!

  • Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist   

  •  BWRT Registered Practitioner Level 1 General Psychopathlogy

  • Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner   

  • Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand

  • Certificate in Virtual Gastric
    Sheila Granger

  • IHPS Certificate in Sleeping, Painless Childbirth and  Addictions.

  • WSN Counselling & Coaching Certificate Level 2 The Essex Institute

My Journey to Becoming a Mind Coach

I didn’t become a mind coach or a hypnotherapist by accident. Many years ago, inspired by Dr J. H. Schultz’s book titled Progressive Relaxation, I began to use this technique. The more I relaxed my body the more my mind was relaxed. A body-mind connection had never occurred to me before so I was amazed that
it worked.

Quickly, I went onto trying positive suggestions while in a state of relaxation and it worked again. I realized that I was able to improve my life with the help of ‘self- hypnosis'.

At the age of 28 doctors diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer. Neither treatment nor diet helped me.
I was on extended sick leave twice a year. I was in despair. I decided to try and do something about it myself.
In a state of relaxation I imagined the walls of my stomach getting smooth and healthy and the ulcer disappearing. My symptoms started to fade and then completely disappeared.

At a routine check-up the doctor was surprised to see that there was not even a scar left on my stomach wall. I was incredibly surprised myself. I was wondered how my mind managed to heal my body.

After doing some extensive research I discovered a whole world that I was unaware of before. I realized that we can unleash the power within us to heal our bodies, to transform our lives, to change our behaviour, to enhance our creativity and to improve our performance. All that power lies in our mind.

Many friends of mine asked me to help them with various issues and I shared my experience and knowledge of body-mind connection and self -hypnosis with them. And it helped them too!

So I decided to become a professional hypnotherapist and mind coach. Since then I have helped many people to improve their lives, achieve their goals and discover their potential.

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