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Auckland's best Weight Loss Program​ 

The reality is so many of us have tried everything to achieve a healthier weight and make better food choices. Even with the help of endless diets and exercise plans we end up right where we began, feeling even more helpless and even more disappointed in ourselves.

This vicious cycle stops here. Dieting is useless until we address the core issues that cause us to be overweight. They lie in our MIND.

I have designed the Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program  to make the  life more enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s unique because it combines 3 of the core elements that result in weight loss:


Healing bad habits, cravings, emotional  eating


Healthy food choices and portion sizes


Training your body to burn fat, be fit and strong

The Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program is designed to help you create a new lifestyle with healthy behaviours, healthy eating habits and a healthy physical appearance. It’s the best way to lose weight. For good.

Stop mindless eating with the Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program
  • Let go of the notion of willpower and learn about how your brain is wired

  • Learn mind techniques to reprogram your brain and stop cravings, emotional and habitual eating.

  • Use mind power techniques to boost your confidence and raise your self- esteem.

Cut your portions and create healthy eating habits with the Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program
  • Learn about healthy food choices and the nutritional value of different food groups

  • Learn about nutrition; how much carbohydrates, protein and fibre your body ACTUALLY needs

  • Cut your  portion sizes with Virtual Gastric Band Technique.

Burn fat, get strong and fit with the Mind Toolbox Weight Loss Program

  • Learn weight loss exercises including exercises to burn belly fat

  • Receive a customised workout program designed especially for your body and starting point

You have nothing to lose but fat

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