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Helping you make positive changes with   Auckland's only Mind Toolbox Coach
There are easy and effective ways to change your life

We all know that we do many things in our life automatically. For example, once you learn how to drive, your subconscious mind knows when to slow down, speed up and change gears. In the same way, if parents give their child a sweet treat every time it cries, the child’s subconscious learns that to relieve emotional distress it needs something sweet. When the child grows up, he/she will crave sweets when stressed. In this way our subconscious mind manages our automatic behaviours and responses. The good news is we can reprogram our subconscious to new and helpful behaviours or emotions.  

What is Mind Toolbox?

Auckland Mind Toolbox Therapy  uses a variety of mind power techniques.They can help you reprogram your subconscious mind to change unhelpful habits, attitudes, behaviours or beliefs.​ I use the following proven mind power techniques to help you make positive and long lasting changes:

  • Visualization

  • Progressive Relaxation

  • Haven technique

  • Self- hypnosis

  • Virtual Gastric Band

As a trained therapist/mind coach with over seven years of experience I have helped thousands of people like you  achieve their goals with the help of specialised techniques.

Find out how I can help you
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MT “ Weight Loss” Program

If you want to achieve healthy weight, become fit and get rid of unhealthy eating habits, the MT Weight Loss Program is right for you. It is a unique Program based on three major aspects: mind management ( emotional eating, cravings, unhealthy eating habits, motivation), nutrition and individually designed fitness program.

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MT “Conquer Your Fear” Program

You may need to go to the dentist but keep postponing the visit all the time because you hate and fear the procedure. Or maybe you cannot travel because of the phobia of flight. No worries! If you have any fears or phobias MT “Conquer Your Fear” Program can help you get rid of your fears for good.

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MT “Free of Stress & Anxiety” Program

Do you feel really down and frustrated, anxious and panicky, irritable, overwhelmed, lacking of motivation and unable to concentrate?  Unfortunately in our modern dynamic world stress and anxiety become part and parcel of our lives. If you want to free yourself of anxiety and stress and live a peaceful and fulfilled life MT “Free of Stress &Anxiety “Program can help you achieve your goal.

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MT "Raise Your Self-Esteem & Confidence" Program

If you suffer from feelings of guilt, frustration, shame or you are angry with yourself because your life is not like you want it to be, you may have low self-esteem or low self- confidence. What if you can re-program your mind and live the life of your dream?  MT “Raise Your Self-Esteem “ Program  is the right solution.

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